StoneShield Ministries is dedicated to providing Pastoral Care and Counseling to First Responders, their familes and the communities they serve. We are a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt, Christian, Faith Based Ministry founded to provide critical or ongoing care to those in need. We supplement existing Chaplain programs or help start those programs. Regardless of religious affiliation, we believe the Spiritual needs and mindset of First Responders are our first priority. 

We are certified Marriage Mentors, Symbis Relationship Facilitators, Certified Cancer Care Ministers, and Ordained Ministers and the Florida State Elders with the National Association of Christian Ministers. We are also 


It is important to note: No one at StoneShield receives a salary of any kind. Your financial donations go directly to the operation of the ministry. Travel, seminar expenses, testing and facilitaion costs are the items covered by your donations. $35 pays for the SYMBIS testing and facilitation, for example. To a First Responder couple that can be the difference between help and a tank of gas. We don't want money to stand in the way of helping those in need.

Our transparency is of utmost importance. We will always personally contact our donors to thank them. 


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